Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace. ~ The Buddha

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6 thoughts on “Resentful

  1. This is something I am working on daily; purging my mind of angry resentful thoughts.

    • Debra

      In ( Buddhist) meditation..we are encouraged to let whatever thoughts occur to flow.. yet not hold on to them… whether they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

      this holds true for ‘anger’ and ‘resentment’… long as I can let them flow by…and not grasp them as life lines or reasons to exist…they do not control me.
      thank you for the comments…I read every one and learn.

      • I can see how that’s relevant, holding but not allowing it to dictate life. I grew up abused, in and out of foster homes. I hold a lot of resentment and anger towards that. However, it has shaped who I am today.

        Maybe my focus should be not so much purging, but, readdressing my reactions to the thoughts.

  2. When we feel “entitled” to hang on tightly to our anger and resentment . . . we are robbing ourselves of joy and inner peace.

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  4. Debra

    ‘Maybe my focus should be not so much purging, but, readdressing my reactions to the thoughts.’

    Yes, that is what I am learning. And it takes mindfulness on my part to say…’oh you are just a thought and I will give no power to you.’ If I purge my ‘anger’ it comes back later. If I acknowledge …’hey this is anger’ and then let it flow by….it might come back later but not nearly so loud.

    We cannot change all the things that happened to us…but we can change how we react to the memories and to the feelings our memories invoke within us.

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