Unbearable or beneficial?

A given situation can be viewed as either unbearable or beneficial: it depends on how we look at it.

We must make certain that things don’t begin to seem unbearable. If we look too closely at problems we will see nothing else, and they will appear all out of proportion with reality; that is when they become intolerable.

If we can stand back from them, we will be better able to judge them, and they will seem less serious. ~ His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama


~ This quote from HH spoke to me today…and maybe it speaks to you too. There are times to look closely at a situation…and then the situation becomes clear. Yet at other times…if we look too closely…the situation becomes blurry, and we lose our ‘balance,’ our middle way.

Taking a step back from a problem or situation and relaxing our tight view can give us the ‘answer’ we seek.  ~ Debra

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3 thoughts on “Unbearable or beneficial?

  1. I have found that, with time and a retrospective glance, all our challenges have benefitted us in some way.

    It’s fun to imagine NOW what that benefit might be.

    Thanks, Debra.

  2. How wonderful that you were posting this just as I was contemplating similarly (and that came out in my post from last night!)! Beautiful.

    • Great! Like minds and all that:)

      I think this is a important point for many ….and I am happy that we are on a similar wave length. _/!_

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